What’s going on?

Hey there. So the site went quiet again. This time it was because my hobby interest went quiet too. A passing interest in Magic The Gathering, a trip to the States and many other things served to distract me. But we're back, albeit in a kind of light touch way.

On and off I'm working on some futuristic scenery. Not a war torn battlefield for 40k, but rather an actual future city for something like 5150:New Beginnings by TwoHourWargames. Like the idea of that game, though I'll be honest still not waded through the massive rulebook.

I'm also backing the current Mantic Kickstarter for Deadzone, their Necromunda-alike game. Which could work quite nicely in my new planned terrain.

Shapeways/squat stuff has taken a bit of a back seat. Not wanting to share the blame, since I know how bad I am at completing projects, but this time it was Wayland's fault. My last two orders have taken over a month to arrive, which really kills the vibe. So I'm afraid those are my last two orders with them and I'll be searching for an alternative 3rd party provider. Possibly Total Wargamer, but who knows.

Got lots of other ideas bouncing around my head but not really sure which to go with so before I jump in with both feet I'm testing the water this time. I'll post with actual updates when I have actual things to update 😉

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