Praetorian CXVIII

HQ Company Command Squad(Regimental Standard, Flamer, Chimera w/Autocannon & Heavy Flamer) Company Command Squad | Chimera Primaris Psyker  Primaris Psyker Elites Ogryns (x4 Ogryns)  Ogryns Ratling Squad (x5 Ratlings) Ratlings […]


I did it! My Praetorian army I painted for Band of Brothers is complete. So chuffed with myself for getting them done, and actually thrilled with the finished result too. […]

Praetorian Army

A quick shot of the whole army as it stands: Left to right, back row: Hellhound, Command Squad Chimera, Chimera, ChimeraMiddle row: Rough Riders, OgrynsFront row: Infantry Squad, Veteran Squad, […]

Praetorian’s Ho

Right then, things are progressing nicely. Hit a minor stumbling block in the praetorian tanks in that I’ve run out of road wheels. I need something about 18mm diameter to […]