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Bad Moon Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought

Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought

I still remember clearly going into the Games Workshop in Leeds in the very early 90s. My dad used to take me occasionally and I’d usually buy a random blister pack (sometimes they were even on sale gasp). One of my very favourite purchases was a rogue trader ork dreadnought. Goofy, fun, written with great character, it epitomises everything about Oldhammer that I love.

The original RT rules even talked about how the gretchin pilots are so used to being bullied by orks that when they get their hands on a little power they tend to go crazy. First time they get into hand to hand range with an enemy they MUST charge in and let off some steam. Fun, characterful, not a WAAC in site. Love it.

So when I was rummaging around the web, as you do, and I found a rather fantastic looking 3D print version of the now long oop dreadnought I had to get myself a copy. Produced by Fanath Miniatures, it has all the similar components as the original, with clean sharp lines and a couple of fun extras.

Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought stl

Even just seeing the 3D render above makes me grin. Oh and it’s about the same price as a Starbuck’s coffee. Nice.

I printed one out and decided to make the smaller version that appeared on the old Rogue Trader era advert. Painted up in Bad Moon colours of course and here’s the result.

Bad Moon Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnought

I’m so happy with it. The details are so sharp, miles away from the old lead model. And of course the exuberant pilot is a new twist.

So of course the wonder of 3D printing is you don’t just have to print one. I decided to do one for each of the ork clans. I’ve already started the snakebite and evil sunz ones, full photos to follow. But for direct comparison, the 3D print vs the old lead.

STL vs Lead

Now I’m as nostalgic as the next middle aged bloke, but for me this is everything great about new technology. The old charm and fun, but far superior quality. I’ve never been one for getting into bidding wars with other middle aged blokes over a small piece of metal. I think my opinion on this is probably why my post was removed from the Oldhammer facebook group!

Oh and I should add, I am most definitely not a fan of the generic ‘space mareen’ 3D models that get churned out by every other hack on Patreon. IP theft is a shady business. But when it comes to something that’s out of print for 20 odd years and the only route is to pay about £50 on ebay (none of which goes to the IP owner), then my pov gets more relaxed. Let your own conscience be your guide.

Rogue Trader Ork Dreadnoughts, gotta love the little egg shaped bastards!

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