Painting Concepts

A few basic painting concepts, or more accurately “things I wish I could tell myself in 1990’s”. I’ve spent a long time hating the painting aspect of the hobby. I […]

28mm Barbarians

Recently there’s been a flurry of 28mm barbarians cropping up on forums, Lead Adventure Forum most notably. I’d never been a huge barbarian fan (beyond watching Conan as a kid […]

DIY Ripperguns

Since the release of the Warhammer Ogres hundreds of people have been doing conversions into Ogryns, what with the lack of decent ogryn models. Granted the new ones are on […]

Matrix Style APU

If you’ve visited Work In Progress you’ve probably seen fitmanb’s fantastic Matrix style APUs in the guard tutorials section. They’re a combination of a Sentinel and some choice pieces of […]

Airfix Robogear

Someone over on the WIP boards showed a picture of a “huntsman” sentinel, which was basically a conversion of an airfix kit crossed with a standard IG sentinel. The result […]