Kambara Magazine

Kambara Magazine

AI, both art and text, is progressing at a crazy pace. Personally I find it incredibly exciting (even though as a coder it’s possible I work in an ‘at risk’ sector). I wanted to try out how it could apply to our hobby. And what better way to try lots of things at once that to put together a magazine? So I present Kambara magazine issue 1.

Kambara Magazine

Other than an introductory paragraph everything included was created using AI. It’s completely free, and I have to say includes some jaw dropping AI art. A far cry from the deformed creatures it was spitting out just six months ago.

If you want to give it a look then you can find it at https://gtazz.com/kambara Like I say, completely free so if you want to share it around do so (though it’d be great if you pointed people to the link above so they get the context).


Kambara Magazine Issue 1

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