3D Printed Giant

My group have been playing Warhammer Underworlds pretty much since it’s release. When White Dwarf released rules for a co-operative game where you fight against at giant, The Glass-Mad Gargant, […]

Eldritch Horror

I’ve been a fan of the Lovecraft Mythos since long before I knew what the who Lovecraft was. His work is so pervasive in modern culture it’s impossible not be […]

3D Printing

After so much longing, then envying, then sitting-on-the-fencing, I finally decided to join the world of 3D printing. I’ve chosen an FDM printer over resin, because I see myself printing […]

First Game

I’ve tried a couple of solo games to learn the rules, and we had a bit of an aborted attempt previously, but today we started our first real game of […]

Dynamic Duo

Batman and Robin are now complete. They’re still a bit shiny, still experimenting with varnishes. They’ve had two coats of Klear/Pledge and two coats of Vallejo Matt Varnish, but it […]