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When I’m working on several projects at once (who me?) my desk usually descends into madness. This time has been no different, terminators, primaris, and scenery everywhere. This time, rather than just shuffle things around theroom I decided to actually sort it out. I’ve been eyeing up the HobbyZone organisers since I saw them on Jazza’s vid, so wallet in hand I got my order in with Scale Model Shop and waited.

Yes, that is an RT rhino hiding under there
Before. And yes, I did tidy up a bit for this photo
Oh the insanity!
This is the bit I was targetting most though

The area with the pen pots has never been practical. I also have a bad habit of keeping old broken things. I found no less than three broken Xacto type knives in there. Which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t also find three fully functional ones.

HobbyZone do a fantastic modular set. All laser cut MDF, you just buy the units you want and they clip together with magnets. They have a designer tool on their site, but it’s mediocre I’m afraid. Gives you some idea of how it’ll look, but no use if you have a small area like mine. But I knew I wanted

  1. Somewhere for my brushes / tools,
  2. Somewhere for the paints I’m currently using (my Vallejo full case lives on the floor, but inevitably paints migrate to the desk).
  3. Drawers for storage

I also really wanted a corner unit, but I suspect Covid-19 has hit their supply. All the corner units were out of stock on the three suppliers in the UK as well as the HobbyZone site itself. I figured I’d get the stuff I could now and if I want more later…

HobbyZone Organisers and bits boxes galore
A clean desk!
HobbyZone Organisers in place
Four HobbyZone modules

You can go insane with the HobbyZone stuff, I’ve seen setups where people must have spent thousands. My four units there cost me about £70 with shipping, so it’s not cheap. But it had really helped sort out my desk area. I think I’ll end up moving the two bits boxes to the right somewhere else and expand my HobbyZone organisers at some point. For now though, I have space and I can crack on with actually hobbying!

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