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Eagle Warriors Update

I’ve now completed my first two Eagle Warriors to table top standard and I’m pretty happy with them. I’m really impressed by the contrast paints I’m using. And if I’m honest, I’m pretty impressed with my ability to control a very thin paint along the midline!

Eagle Warrior Intercessor good to go
Eagle Warrior Intercessor

I even tried freehanding the logo. Not done any freehand in years, but it works ok. As always I take too long to actually get the brush into position and make the first stroke, so the paint begins to dry on the brush. But happy with the result. I do have some laser printer decal paper though so I’ll just print out a load of Eagle Warrior’s logos at various sizes. I’ll share the file when it’s done.

Freehanded Logo

The first bike is also complete and has a couple of emblems on there. I’m really impressed with the bases. They’re the volcanic island base ready mix from Geek Gaming. Literally just smoothed a bit of their quick dry glue on there with a clay shaper, then dip, shake and, erm, done. I’ll need to get some spray varnish, my usual Vallejo brush on stuff won’t work very well here.

Love the different textures on the base
More Freehand!

As you can probably see in the background, my other Eagle Warriors are coming along. They’ve all been base coated with the talassar blue (the hard bit). Next is the white, then the sponging, then the details and highlights and done ish.

I’m also doing very well resisting buying more marines until these are painted. Just hope I can get them done before the new ATV comes out, or my willpower may crumble!

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