Canal Barge

Done some more work on the canal board. Spent a while sorting out the various boxes and crates and so on, they’re now ready to be sprayed if the weather […]

Canal PIP & Crane

The painting of the canal warehouse board has begun. Really happy with the flagstones, still a little unconvinced by the tower. I might do another lighter coat to try and […]

Canal Warehouse

The canal board has been getting most of my attention recently. It was the small cargo barge that actually brought me back to Stadtheim from my 40k projects. The warehouse […]

Canal Mouth

Hallo. Quick update with what I’m currently working on. After the slight change to the layout I mentioned the other day, I’ve been looking at the part where the canal […]


I’m back! So I’ve not been slacking on the actual project, but I have been somewhat lax in updating this blog. Therefore tonight I’ve taken a load of photos of […]