Canal Warehouse

The canal board has been getting most of my attention recently. It was the small cargo barge that actually brought me back to Stadtheim from my 40k projects.

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The warehouse is now up to roof level, the main doorway at the top will have a crane jib above to lower goods to passing vessels. The back door opens on street level. There’s a wooden stairway to get to the goods doorway. Then a small door opens on each side at the lower street level.

When I came back to this I noticed the tower was well out of shape. Somehow it’d grown about 1/4 inch at the back. I decided to stick with this, hopefully with a slightly skewed roof it’ll look ramshackle rather than badly built! We shall see.

The details for this board are shown below:

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The first is the barge, with a couple of Antenociti’s crates and currently a single Renedra barrel. I’m going to do a couple of large crate piles covered with tarps (saves money :D).

Second photo shows the in progress crane which will be loading goods to the barge. Human hamster power ftw.

Thrd is a very quick cart I built today. Not bad for half an hour’s work. It’s a bit rough but I like it that way.

I’m hoping this will be the first complete board, though I may not do the water until all the canal boards are sorted. That way I can make sure they’re all the same.

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