I’ve just uploaded my latest tool to the site. DungeonDeviser is an automated dungeon map maker, that can create complex, twisting dungeons for your adventurers to explore (and loot!). The […]

KIV is BlokeCrafted

Well, hello there. It’s been a while since I was regularly updating KIV, my old wargaming and hobby blog. In fact the last post there was just over 3 years […]

New Site Design

As you may have noticed I've just tweaked the site design again. Fancied a change, this is all bootstrap so it'll be easier to do stuff with in the future, […]

Playing games!

So for the first time in a long damn time I actually played one of the games covered on this site. I had my first game of X-Wing Miniatures Game […]

What’s going on?

Hey there. So the site went quiet again. This time it was because my hobby interest went quiet too. A passing interest in Magic The Gathering, a trip to the […]

Site Update

Hey all. So after a long time of just making use of Blogspot I've decided to bring everything back in house, so to speak. I'm going to wind up both […]

And we’re back!

Hallo. I’m still here. Got post Band of Brothers burn out, all those deadlines and solid blocks of painting stemmed my mojo for a while, but I’m back now. Huzzah. […]

Ammobunker Newsletter

Hey cool, the latest newsletter for the Ammobunker is out, and they've included a piece about the IG Designer I'm building. Always cool to get a little publicity. If you're […]

IG Designer

Can't believe I haven't mentioned this in my own blog! I've been working on a uniform/regiment designer tool for the Imperial Guard. There are some great ones out there for […]