KIV is BlokeCrafted

Well, hello there. It’s been a while since I was regularly updating KIV, my old wargaming and hobby blog. In fact the last post there was just over 3 years ago.

That’s not to say I’ve been idle in my various hobbies, just that I various factors made updating the old blog tricky, so I just.. didn’t! But that’s all going to change with the wonderful new blog. KIV is BlokeCrafted!

A rebrand, and a new name, I want to include a wider range of crafty things on here, including for example some of the woodworking projects I undertake, so I wanted something less focussed. To be fair, KIV came from Kataan IV, which was the name of my Imperial Guard homeworld I built my army around, so I’d already gone quite far afield from that.

Most of the same projects should be here, I think all the images will still be working fine too. The IG Designer is still up at the same address (and don’t worry, I plan to rebuild it before December when the browsers finally put the last nail in Flash’s poor coffin), and I have another new tool coming out soon.

Expect lots of posts on here over the next few days as I’m currently furloughed and taking the opportunity to document all my undocumented projects!

Glad you stopped by, hope you stick around, cheers, Si.

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