The Church of Verena is getting an interior. I’ve started with the floor and a detail wall at the back. Hard to tell (should have taken un painted shots), but […]

Church Update!

Aha, the church returns. Yes I’ve not abandoned this one at all. The roof is done and painted. The church itself has had its first drybrush, will need another to […]

Church Roof

Hah, sounds like it should be a fundraising event. However the church roof is started, has been for a while. I’m really happy with the whole church, the dimensions are […]

Church Walls

The church now has the real wall sorted. I’m not 100% happy with the design of the front corner, but I think suitably detailed and painted it should be ok. […]

Church back thingy

Definitely need to learn some church terminology. Started a little lean-to affair at the back of the church. It’s going to be clad in wood, then tiled in the same […]

Church Rebuild

Right last night I demolished the left wall of the church, really wasn’t happy with it, nothing was aligned and all a bit ropey. So knocked it down and rebuilt […]


My favourite building so far, the church. Currently looks like a ruin, but it won’t be when it’s done. Far too many destroyed churches in wargaming if you ask me. […]