Eagle Warrior Scouts

Digging through my army cases I felt inspired to finally get around to tackling my Rogue Trader / 2nd Edition backlog. I know, better late than never right? I’m going to do these as Eagle Warriors, like the primaris marines. First up a set of former Dark Angel, former Howling Griffon, former Blood Angel, former Ultramarine (I think, it’s getting hazy this far back!) soon to be Eagle Warrior Scouts.

The scouts are from Tyranid Attack, the old boxed game that was kind of like a slimmed down Advanced Space Crusade. Enjoyable enough as I recall, but I bought it back then mainly for the models. As you can probably tell if you’re a regular reader, I get a bit erm, skittish when it comes to holding onto projects. So I like to bounce around wherever my inspiration takes me. As a kid that took me through several space marine chapters. And alas no, I never used to strip the minis before repainting.

Dark Angels

Considering how much paint is on these bad boys they don’t look awful. I mean they’re rudimentary and the details on the chests and faces is a little filled in, but still. However no more. Enter the hero of the hour:

Only £4.99 from the local B&M (think slightly upmarket dollar store) I found this stuff through a forum post or possibly facebook a few years ago. It’s great, takes paint off plastic and metal, doesn’t damage the models and doesn’t smell too bad. Erm, disclaimer though, it looks pretty awful….

Throw them in The Dip

Eugh. Can’t say you weren’t warned! Drop in the models, leave them for half an hour or so and it’s wicked witch of the west time.

Goop man
I’m melting, meltiiiing, noooo

Then five minutes with hot water and an old toothbrush and tada…

Nearly done

You can see the right leg and left armed are stained red (told you, he was a Howling Griffon in a former life). A few stubborn bits in the crevices, but chuck him back in for a second bath and ready for the reveal.

Scouts all cleaned up

Can’t tell these guys are pushing 30 can you? Very happy with the way they cleaned up.

Eagle Warrior Scouts complete

Finally after a fresh coat of contrast paints the Eagle Warrior Scouts are now ready for get on a table. Or more realistically stand around in a cabinet waiting for the rest of the army to be painted. But still, very happy with the results.

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