Finally the carapace is done and I can get to the fun stuff! Started the power fist, it now has the shape of the hand and the arm. Fingers will […]

Titan Carapace

I’ve not gone away again, still working on the titan. Things slowed a little when I took time to relearn an old lesson. That being fully extended box cutter + […]

Titan Toes!

Awesome. Just removed my master from the mould, then cast up my first toe. I’m really happy with the result, very little cleanup needed. Second one is in the cast […]

Titan Body

Next I started planning the body. I scoured around for something the right size, but a raid of the bitz boxes and kitchen cupboards turned up nothing. So blue foam […]

Titan Toes!

 The toes were always going to be an issue. I hate building things repeatedly and it’s one of the points that has put me off building a reaver before. So […]