Titan Body

Next I started planning the body. I scoured around for something the right size, but a raid of the bitz boxes and kitchen cupboards turned up nothing. So blue foam it is (I love this stuff, never used it on a project before but it’s so sturdy and workable).

To give the arms a little more support I added two layers of foamed pvc, one above and one below the shoulders. The composite effect should be rock solid.

Then I realised I’d forgotten to add a mount for the head. Oops. Chop one in and we’re good to go.

 Next step is planning how the arms will join the shoulders. Then I can cut the appropriate holes in the shoulders and glue the whole torso together. I also want to get started on shaping the head, which will be blue foam, plasticard and probably lots of modelling putty over the top.

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