Titan Feets! er. foot anyway

The first foot is constructed, barring the small matter of details. But I’ve got the basic structure sorted and know how I’m going to join the ankle too.

The bolt will fasten through the black cup piece and into the bottom of the greaves (they grey pieces in the second photo). It’ll all make sense and hopefully be sturdy enough to support the entire beast.

Also started the greave (feel guilty now, done more since I took this pic a few hours ago but can’t be bothered shooting another. it now has a top piece glued on and looks quite cool if I do say so myself). Not sure if greave is the singular of greaves. Grief is perhaps more accurate 😉

Anyway, here’s how it looks with a couple of guys for scale.

As you can see it’s going to be rather large. Still not sure how the greaves will be covered. I’m reluctant to try plasticard, even thin stuff, as it’ll be a pain to mark and cut. Possibly edge it with than then cover the rest with filler and sand smooth maybe. We’ll see.

Next trick is the knee and hip joints. I’ve just started the pelvic area and think I know how the hip will work. The knee is proving trickier…

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