BlokeCrafted is my hobby and crafting site. I’ve been involved in wargaming hobbies for nearly three decades now, and regularly jump around from project to project. This site is an attempt to keep it documented.

I’m also a keen crafter, with various woodwork, 3D printing and game design projects on the go at any time.

In my professional life I’m a coder, developing web apps for millions of students around the world. So it only makes sense that overlaps into my hobby life, hence you’ll find the (now very dated) IG Designer and DungeonDeviser on this site. I’ll be adding to that all the time I’m sure.

This blog evolved out of KIV, my original long term project logging site. It contains an archive of all my old modelling projects, but expect the new content to be much more varied and eclectic.

Hope you find something of interest, if you do feel free to drop me a line and say so! Cheers, Si

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