This page contains a collection of links I’ve accrued over the last few years. Some of these are stores I use regularly, some a modelling blogs of very talented individuals, plus a few of the forums I frequent.

Cp Models

Really characterful minis, big fan (I used some of their stuff in the COBALT troops). And nicely priced too.

Firestorm Games

Another reseller with some great prices and fantastic service. A massive range of games are covered, and they’re always pretty quick with delivery.

Lead Adventure Forum

I spend too many hours here, they cover pretty much every gaming era/system you can think of, so no matter what project I’m on, I can always find some solid inspiration. Jolly good chaps to boot.

Mighty Lancer Games

One of my go-to resources for miniatures and games, you get online prices but they’re an actual factual bricks and mortar store with the kind of friendly personal service that implies.

North Star Military Figures

Another fantastic supplier of niche stuff, home of Artizan Designs and Crusader Collections. Frostgrave, Copplestone, the list goes on. A great starting point if you want something other than “cheap warhammer”.


The Beasts of War, my new source for gaming news since I gave up BoLS. The guys are great, always have decent vids, solid articles, and outstanding craic.

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