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Mad Max Interceptor

I recently backed EC3D’s new campaign Beyond the Badlands. You get a lot of really awesome post apocalyptic STLs, lots of random Fallout inspired pieces, as well as a healthy dose of Mad Max in there. And one of those is the great ‘Road Warrior Car’, which I chose to paint up as the Mad Max Interceptor. But not THAT Interceptor, I fancied something a little different, so I went for his original Falcon, back when he were merely Mildly Miffed Max.

Mad Max Interceptor
Mad Max Interceptor

As always, the parts were printed on my Elegoo Mars 2 (still loving this little machine), in thankfully the last of my grey Elegoo resin. Holy crap that stuff stinks. Thankfully I got another bottle of Beige/Skin colour and it’s back to sweet smelling printing for me. Lesson learned.

Parts, cured and ready for assembly

Paint job was pretty straight forward. Needed a reasonably steady hand to get the lines, but after many touch ups I got something I’m happy with. I then did some edge highlighting to pick out the panels a bit more. The windscreen was a random technique I saw on FB, someone had done a female Mad Max character with chromed glasses. I think it works ok, bit more interesting than just black anyway.

I also got myself some Dirty Down Rust for painting all this series, seemed fitting. Going to take some getting used to, but the girder on the back I think works particularly well. Finally a liberal coating of sandy weathering powder and tis done.

Mad Max Interceptor
Mad Max Interceptor completed

Really happy with the completed Mad Max Interceptor, next up is a post apocalyptic VW Campervan/Bus. Already printed and assembled, just needs a spot of gap filling then it’s off to the paint table.

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