Titan Progress

Reaver is coming along nicely. Got the other toes cast up:

Really happy with the new resin, seems to be a lot easier to work with. Literally no bubbles at all in these casts.

I’ve just now shaped the other greave, it needs a top part creating and I need to do the wrapper for the foot, but it’s almost ready for assembly.

The body is getting there also. Figured out how to do the hips and the shoulders. Hips are just two pipe joints mounted on a piece of 22mm pipe through the middle. Pretty tight fit and should keep everything upright. If not I can pin through the side if need be.

Thighs will probably be that thin, but then I’ll add other supporting struts around the side. The original reaver had really narrow thighs too as shown. Want a quick mockup? Go on then

 Cool huh? Need to figure out the knees.
Oh and the shoulders will be the following, mounted inside a 22mm pipe, then the washer and nut go above the shoulder joint. Should allow for hot swappable weapons as well as a sturdy joint. Hurray.

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