Titan Carapace

I’ve not gone away again, still working on the titan. Things slowed a little when I took time to relearn an old lesson. That being fully extended box cutter + slicing towards own hand through foam = blood everywhere. Fortunately it was a fairly new knife, so made a clean, if deep, cut and it’s healed pretty well.

Anyway I’ve been working on the carapace. I think this is the trickiest part, so many curves on that thing and it defines the style quite distinctively.

That’s the original. So it curves in pretty much every direction, left to right and front to back on the top panel, then the four sides also curve in two dimensions. Makes it tricky.

So I jumped in with a big block of foam:

I made up some figures from looking at pictures, then tried to turn a 3d object into a 2d plan I could draw on a sheet of foam. Tricky, but the shape was about right. Then I started slicing along the top from each end to try and put the curve in.

That’s when the mishap struck, so as a work around I have to chop the whole thing in half. Meant I could cut the full width with one slice and made it a lot easier to work.

Attached small pieces under each side to try and create the edges. I need to do it once more to give about another 15mm to each side.

Here’s where we are now:

 Plenty of smoothing to do, then I’ll fill using modelling putty. Still not sure how I’m going to get the finish on this, not sure I want to try and plate it with plasticard. We’ll see, I’ve managed a pretty smooth finish over filler on my scale model cars so might be worth a go.

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