Grot Bomb

The grot bomb is complete, made using a nozzle from an icing bag (not sure if that translates, it's the little canvas bag cake makers use to add toppings to […]

More Heeed

Woo, my goblins have arrived. Which means I've started work on adding some grots in. First up is the pilot for the grotbomb, you can see him below in the […]


Right another update. Things have slowed a little, I keep getting distracted from the task at hand to do things like play San Andreas or make rivets. But some progress. […]


Woo, got loads more done now. Big hurdle was trying to figure out how to build the body structure, and how to fit the weapon mounts in. Managed to get […]


Right, did quite a bit of work on this last night, just took some new photos. The base of the body is now done, and the spine structure type thing […]


Right, the right foot is getting there, started detailing it. And I've started on the left foot too. I'm going for a stepping forward pose (the epic models were always […]