Structure Going Up

The tavern was chopped up, and now I’m reassembling it. I used to use copydex (latex glue) for everything, turns out it doesn’t age that well. So I’ve been cleaning […]

A return!

I’m back. It’s been a long time since the last update, lots has happened (including my wedding!) and not much hobby progress. But in a week or so I’m expecting […]

Mould making

Trying to cast my own windows. I built a couple of masters, seen in the photo below. Small windows the same size, one with the shutter closed one open. I […]

Tavern Expansion

Remember the tavern, that very brief update with a single photo? Well I’ve been working on that, it’s expanding and has somehow acquired a hugely complicated roof. First picture above […]


This is going to be the biggest building so far (not including the church). Four storeys tall, with a balcony and some rather cool wooden detail work. Plenty to do […]