Structure Going Up

The tavern was chopped up, and now I’m reassembling it. I used to use copydex (latex glue) for everything, turns out it doesn’t age that well. So I’ve been cleaning up as I’ve been going. I’ve also cut in a lot more window holes.

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I’m still trying to figure out how the roof will work, hence it being pinned in place. I think the building will separate into three sections in total, ground floor, first floor and attic in the gable. Then the two side sections of the roof will be boxed off. All a bit confusing at the moment to be honest. But it’s coming along.

Also started a little detailing, so there’s a fireplace in the kitchen and I’ve done the hearthstone in the main room. Can’t wait to get on with the actual detailing, putting on the timbers should bring it all to life.

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