New Bases

My new bases arrived for my Stadtheim warbands today. I’m working on a few new sets at a time, as usual, and wanted to find a decent source of bases. […]

Status Update

Ok I thought I’d start the new year with a look at where Stadtheim stands at the moment. Still plenty to do on the ‘complete’ boards, but it’s looking much […]

Back up and running

Hello there. After too long in hiatus I’ve returned to my little town. I’m rejigging the plans slightly for Stadtheim. The finished board will be smaller but I’m also replanning […]

Town Overview

Here’s the town as it currently stands, the layout I’ve been playing on to learn the rules. Each board is 16″ square, so it needs another row of three down […]

Warbands Update

Quick update on the three warbands then. The Reiklanders I’m still waiting for my empire militia to arrive. Have been decidedly let down by the Internet in the last two […]


A couple of fountains I’m working on. These are really just to let me test out water effects for the canal, but should work out ok none the less. Really […]

Stadtheim Lives!

I’m back. It’s been a while since I’ve had time/inclination to work on the town but currently on holiday from work and finding time to get stuck back in. Bought […]

More bits!

Another order has just arrived from the terrain store. They do precast hirst arts blocks at a very reasonable rate, this little pile was about 12quid I think. The casts […]