The town in SketchUp

Combined with my slow workrate, my inability to photograph models in an explanatory way I thought might make this a worthwhile venture. I wanted to try and give people a better overview of where the town is going, as well as explain it to myself!

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So last night I downloaded SketchUp. Not used it before, but figured how hard could it be? Turns out it’s the easiest packaging for visualisations I’ve ever used. It genuinely IS like sketching in 3d. A few things are clunky but perhaps when you get to that point you should be using a bigger package (Maya is my preference). Anyway, I digress.

This is Stadtheim! Not sparta, nor indeed frothers. The town has changed a bit from the map on the right. Whilst ostensibly this is modular terrain, since it won’t be played on much if at all I’m desigining it to be put together in a certain way.

The new blocks on the front left edge are the coast. Too tempted by the awesome pirate models out there to not do this. I may even extend one block further out so I can put in a harbour wall, but for now it’ll stop there. The far edge will become a cliff, the near a small dock with jetties.

Of all the blocks shown I now have 5 on the go, the latest being the mouth of the river. The far corner is a plan I have based on the rather spectacular town of Rothenburg. There will be three bridges in total. The one shown, and another wide one the other side of the watch house. Finally a small footbridge will go over the river mouth.

Too many ideas. This could easily end up being a city..

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