More bits!

Another order has just arrived from the terrain store. They do precast hirst arts blocks at a very reasonable rate, this little pile was about 12quid I think. The casts are pretty good, though the plaster is softer than the type I use myself. Don’t see it beng a problem though, the church tower is made from them and they’re fine.

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Unwrapped and put in this box to dry out, sitting in the sun yesterday has done that so they’re ready to go.

I bought two types of floor slabs, 1 1/2″ square each. There are basic rough textured slabs, then a mixed bag of bricks, herringbone and concentric. All look great and will be awesome in my town square as my chess board.

Speaking of the chess board, I’m going to go for dwarfs vs chaos dwarfs. Should be great, though I’ll have to convert my own CDs since the old plastics go for a fortune on ebay, and the new ones are rumoured to be FW only. Hardly a cheap solution. Chaos Dwarf Online has lots of guides for converting and I’m not bad with greenstuff, so I’m sure I’ll manage.

Just wish I had more time to work on this, work is batshit insane at the moment and taking up a big chunk of my free time. Still, when I’m retired by 35 I’ll have plenty of time to work on my models. hehe.

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