Structure Going Up

The tavern was chopped up, and now I’m reassembling it. I used to use copydex (latex glue) for everything, turns out it doesn’t age that well. So I’ve been cleaning […]

A return!

I’m back. It’s been a long time since the last update, lots has happened (including my wedding!) and not much hobby progress. But in a week or so I’m expecting […]

New Bases

My new bases arrived for my Stadtheim warbands today. I’m working on a few new sets at a time, as usual, and wanted to find a decent source of bases. […]

The Wharf

I’ve started work on the water in front of the wharf.  I saw Mason’s thread on the Lead Adventure Forum showing his awesome town of Krappefortt. The way he did […]


The Church of Verena is getting an interior. I’ve started with the floor and a detail wall at the back. Hard to tell (should have taken un painted shots), but […]

Status Update

Ok I thought I’d start the new year with a look at where Stadtheim stands at the moment. Still plenty to do on the ‘complete’ boards, but it’s looking much […]

Back up and running

Hello there. After too long in hiatus I’ve returned to my little town. I’m rejigging the plans slightly for Stadtheim. The finished board will be smaller but I’m also replanning […]