This has been in the state of the final picture for a while now, but wanted to get the photos uploaded. The painting is well underway. I sort of stippled […]


We have an engine. Hurrah. Still no tracks, so I guess we're not going anywhere, but it's a start. As mentioned, the engine is based around the original one, then […]


Ok finally decided to go ahead with Luna Wolves. I had lots of changes of heart, but in the end went with the classic (but hopefully not yet cliched). Makes […]


Been meaning to upload the latest photos for a week or so. Work and the like keep getting me distracted. Both sponsons are now on, I'm happy with the under […]

Day 6

Woo, feels like this is coming together now. Still got two massive gaping holes in the side and no engine, but hush. Started detailing the top and front. The egress […]

Day 4

It doesn't look like a lot, but this update is a few hours work. The top of the hull is now glued in place. Obviously needs detailing, but that will […]

Day 3

First update, but actually started a couple of days ago. My land raider arrived from my ebay purchase (see the first image, I got three carcasses, plus a load of […]