Back. Er. Again.

Ok so I admit it, the post last november was something of a false start. What can I say? The Mojoman giveth, the Mojoman he taketh away. But I’m back baby, yeah, and this time I’ve got my mojo in full swing!

I finished Fall Out New Vegas, and whilst I wait for the Skyrim DLC to come out, I’ve got nothing rpg going on. So I decided I needed a big modelling project to keep me occupied this summer.

After lots of rambling around the internet I decided on a titan. Aim big right? I thought about doing an old school Warlord, with the rounded carpace, but I wasn’t sure I could pull off the smooth curves. I actively dislike the newer warlords, so they were out too. Then I had the inspiration to try an old Armorcast style Reaver. I’ve always preferred the Armorcast stuff to the forgeworld designs. Whilst FW is far far superior in almost every way, it was the Armorcast stuff that really blew my mind when I first say it however many years ago. Back when it was still available and ten times the size of anything GW was producing themselves.

Here’s the fella in case you’ve not seen him (acquired from t’internet):

The actual Armorcast reaver looks a little dimunitive  compared to the new FW one. But since I’m scratchbuilding I can put that right. I’m aiming for 400mm (16″ give or take) to the top of the carpace, then the weapon will sit above that.

I found a great diagram on the internet that I’ve doodled all over to plan my sizes:

I then spent several days thinking how I was going to build things. Several trips to B&Q helped, and I planned the basics for the feet structure, the bit I thought would take the most work. A combination of the fasterners from a pipe coupling, a couple of small end caps and a couple of rounded knuckle things (I’m no plumber :D) should all work. I’ll use milliput in the endcaps to give a smooth hemispherical surface for the knuckles to sit in. A bit of blue foam to tie it all together and tada.

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