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Eagle Warriors

It’s that time again. Yes, the new 40k edition has been released. I’ve bought one or two starter sets over the years, but haven’t really been ‘in’ since 2nd edition. But my gaming buddy expressed an interest in giving it a go, so I figured why not. I bought the Elite Edition starter from The Outpost, and after much deliberation, decided to go for an Eagle Warriors scheme.

The Outpost was having a sale!

Now if you read my previous post about Primaris Marines you will be correctly assuming that I bottled it on the quartered Novamarines scheme. But I really like the contrast Talassar Blue and Apothecary White. Plus side is the Eagle Warriors logo will be easier to paint.

Eagle Warriors colour scheme test
Testing out the contrast paints

They’re a pretty straight forward Codex chapter, so I’ll just be painting up what I’ve got before I start thinking about random conversion stuff. The Whirlwind I previously posted will become and Eagle Warrior. I also have a venerable dread kicking around somewhere.

So far, as I type this, I have 1 outrider and 1 intercessor pretty much done. I’ve ordered some basing material from Geek Gaming, which will be here Monday.

Outrider right
Outrider left

There’s a great video on youtube by, erm, crap hang on… here it is. Midwinter Minis on painting Ultramarines in the Space Marine game style. I’ve used a bit of his techniques in here, the sponging, the heavy wash in places. But I still wanted it bright and breezy to contrast with the black bases. Really liking the Templar Black contrast by the way.

Eagle Warrior Assault Intercessor
Eagle Warrior Assault Intercessor
Assault Intercessor front
Love the contrast of the metal on the two tone armour

I haven’t actually had a goal when painting an army since Band of Brothers over on the seemingly defunct Ammo Bunker forums. Here we have a target! Once our starter sets are painted we’re playing our first game of 9th Edition. Maybe a battle report will happen? Who knows.

Until then I’m enjoying painting my Eagle Warriors and we’ll see how far down the rabbit hole I go!

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