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Space Marine Whirlwind

I recently picked up a copy of Dark Imperium (from Goblin Gaming, one of my go to suppliers). I wasn’t planning to play, but it’s been years since I was actively building a Space Marine force and had the urge. Along with the new huge Primaris marines, I wanted to do a few modified vehicles. My first choice was a Space Marine Whirlwind.

The shell of the Rhino has been kicking around my hobby room for years, left over from the KIV Guard vehicle conversions. But I didn’t just want to buy an existing conversion kit or go to a bits site, I wanted to make my own launcher.

Here’s the parts list:

  • Valkyrie launchers
  • The tail stabiliser fin I removed from my Stormtalon conversion
  • The ammo box from an IG lascannon
  • The cover from the sponson lascannons of a Land Raider
  • The vents from the back of the Land Speeder typhoon rocket pods
  • The turret base from a Razorback
  • Styrene, plasticard and foamed pvc

Have I mentioned that I really love my bits box? Years of buying random lots on eBay and kit bashing kits rather than building them out of the box has made it very healthy. Maybe my bits box needs a post on here?

Anyway here’s the assembled turret:

Space Marine Whirlwind turret front
Space Marine Whirlwind turret rear

(I’m learning to take photos with my phone camera in manual mode. Apologies if there’s a learning curve but should help me sort out the depth of field and light issues I tend to run into).

Here’s the final assembled Space Marine Whirlwind. A very simple result from a fun bit of kit bashing, but I’m super happy with it.

Space Marine Whirlwind

And the more eagle-eyed of you will recognise the Chapter icon on the door. I’m trying to get the hang of 3D printing things that small, but the shoulder pads are killing me so I might end up buying decals.

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