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Can't believe I haven't mentioned this in my own blog! I've been working on a uniform/regiment designer tool for the Imperial Guard. There are some great ones out there for many of the other races, but aside from a decidedly limited cadian designer that GW put out many years ago there's nothing for guardsmen.

So I thought I'd fill that gap. There's still plenty to do but here's the current feature list:

  • 5 pre-created regiments to start your design
  • Interchangable elements from all 5 regiments
  • Three colour palettes and custom hex code entry
  • Saving and loading of designs

Next big thing I'm going to work on is a camo designer. Not entirely sure how it will function yet but I want to make it a free as possible whilst still being save-able (which probably means a range of recolourable precreated patterns).

Would love to hear any feedback. Once the camo tool is done I'm going to promote this around a few other forums and move it to a sort of open beta type phase. If it proves popular enough I'll work out a slick user control system so you won't have the rather clunky url get string method of saving, but we'll have to see.

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