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And we're back. Dread to think how long that break was. Lots of things have happened (including getting engaged!), but the hobby has drawn me back again.

It started when I had a strange fixation with building a walker. Which led me to the idea of a steampunk walker. Which all inevitably led me to In Her Majesty's Name, a rather splendid rule set for skirmish battles in a Victorian Sci Fi setting. For those who don't know it takes place in the late 1890s, where a multitude of organisations around the world all vie for power, represented by small companies (warbands) on their behalf.

So you have the Scotland Yard boys, a bunch of coppers led by an inspector and occasionally aided by a super sleuth and his medically proficient aide. And you have a group of explorers; hunters, socialites and natives all rambling around darkest Africa. Prussians rock up with their reanimated soldiers. There's even a few cowboys riding around.

I've bought the rule book (twice, once on Kindle then in paperback!) and the first expansion Heroes Villains and Fiends. Not played yet but the rules seem to flow quite nicely. But then as you know I've never been a gamer, so for me it's more about the world to play in. I love how the background isn't explicitly laid down and defined and controlled (grim dark future I'm looking at you here!). It's hinted at in a few pages, the world is structured, but then you're intentionally left to run riot through their setting. Suits me down to the ground.

As usual when inspiration takes me I've jumped in with both feet. I've started assembling two companies with enough models for another couple. I've built a steam vehicle just as a random aside. And I've started a modular Victorian London town! It only needs to be 3ft square for the game, so I've decided to do it on 36 6" tiles.

I'll get some blogs up this weekend with the various projects of course. Oh and I hope you like the new site design. The old grunge one was feeling a bit dated and was too tied to the scifi modelling I'm doing less of.

On the meantime here's links to the (incredibly reasonably priced) IHMN books on Amazon:

In Her Majesty's Name
In Her Majesty's Name

In Her Majesty's Name
Heroes, Villains and Fiends

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