And we’re back!

Hallo. I’m still here. Got post Band of Brothers burn out, all those deadlines and solid blocks of painting stemmed my mojo for a while, but I’m back now. Huzzah.

I’m currently planning a new army to take over from the now complete Praetorians. I’m eyeing up a Slaanesh Cult built on the Grey Knights codex, mainly because it allows me the flexibility I want without being my third Imperial Guard army!

I’ve only started one model which will be my stormraven proxy based around a rather cool VTOL Landspeeder storm conversion I saw on dakka. I’ll get photos up once I’m somewhere useful.

That said I’ve just ordered the Space Marine megaforce that GW are currently offering. They don’t do deals that are genuine bargains very often (the last I recall are the Armageddon bulk purchase things), so seemed churlish not to partake. Especially when I already had 30 quid sat in my paypal account. 100 pound on the credit card and Robert’s your mother’s brother. As such my Angels of Elutriation may be making a return to the blog. We’ll see. I might chop up the land raider for the Cult.

Hopefully posts will be more regular for a while, assuming Skyrim doesn’t steal all my time over the Christmas break 🙂

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