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Hey all. So after a long time of just making use of Blogspot I've decided to bring everything back in house, so to speak.

I'm going to wind up both my blogs, KataanIV and Stadtheim, I've already imported all the content back into the site. I'll go post on there in a bit just to inform my handful of followers.

The site offers me a lot more flexibility with regards to content, layout and random stuff I can throw in. It does mean things like rss feeds are missing, if you would like me to add a feed let me know.

I've done a fair amount of testing on latest browsers (minor IE9 bug to resolve with the post update icons), but if you spot any issues please let me know. I'll get a contact form up asap. I'm also going to enable comments, think the comment script is still working. If you have anything to say please do!

And to celebrate the new site I've reposted the articles section and just finished my latest article, making medieval hand carts from balsa. I'm using these to decorate Stadtheim and give desperately needed cover to the footsloggers.

Click to zoom

I'm also working on two new warbands which I'll document here in due course. An undead warband led by a female vampire, and a barbarian warband proxying as Norse.

Hopefully things will drive forward a lot, I've spent a lot of time making the site a hell of a lot easier to administrate. The point being if it's easy to use maybe I'll use it more! Fingers crossed anyway.

Cheers for stopping by. Tell your friends!

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