I’ve just uploaded my latest tool to the site. DungeonDeviser is an automated dungeon map maker, that can create complex, twisting dungeons for your adventurers to explore (and loot!).

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The maps it makes are seeded. So if I tell you I really like seed #2961, The Rank Vault of Seer Gargidious, and you click that link, you’ll see the exact same dungeon I do. This means you can bookmark the links and return at any time to see the same dungeon.

The dungeons are all randomly created. They’ll always start with a set of stairs leading to a corridor, or a spiral stair descending into a room, and there will be at least one door, then off it goes from there.

There are a few settings you can control. Map size gives the DungeonDeviser an indication of how big you want the output (though it’s not a room count). But picking map size 1 will get you a much smaller map than map size 4. You can also turn off the map titles. I’ll be honest, I love them, but I appreciate you may want to use your own names! You can remove the colours to make it monochrome. Finally you can hide the help panel at the bottom which explains all of the above.

I have other plans in mind for this tool. I want to add special rooms and DM notes (I’ll do separate numbers and explanations, so you can leave the numbers on but hide my explanations so you can describe your own rooms). The artwork comes from a single file as well, so I’m thinking it’d be nice to do a sci-fi tileset.

I’m trying to figure out an interactive mode as well, where the map only reveals as you open doors. But that was giving me a headache so it got pushed back!

Despite all my plans, I’ll do my damnedest not to interrupt the order of the randomiser. That means seeds you find and like today should stay the same no matter what I add. If I can’t manage it I’ll make an archived version available so you can finish your games.

If you find any issues with DungeonDeviser please just drop me a message. Ideally along with the seed where you saw the issue. I know of one problem, but I’ve only seen it once in thousands of tests, so I’m not too worried!

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