Status Update

Right so with BoB currently feeling on target (this month is 1 tank and 10 infantry, the tank is done, and the infantry are primed and on their way), I’ve […]

The Power of Fairies!

Random postage. So I’ve tried most different things for stripping paint from models, although never been able to get hold of Simple Green and refuse to pay the stupid postage […]

Back once more!

Woo! It's been a while, but I'm finally back on the 40k trip so thought I'd update the site. Work has ceased for the meantime on Stadtheim, my fantasy terrain […]

And we’re back!

Woo. The site is back online at last. I’m not quite finished, the army lists section needs a little tweaking, so I’ve turned off account registration (the only part of […]

The New Site

So as you may have gathered, the site is still offline. I decided to get the new version finished rather than spend a good hour uploading the old one. Good […]

Moving host

Right, all packed up and on the road! The site is currently offline whilst I move everything across to the new host. May take a while, I’m in two minds […]