Canal Mouth

Hallo. Quick update with what I’m currently working on. After the slight change to the layout I mentioned the other day, I’ve been looking at the part where the canal meets the sea or river or whatever it is off board.

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 This piece extends the existing canal system with one side higher than the other. Similar style all the way along. The tall edge finishes with a cliff face, which will hopefully look better when textured and detailed. The other side has a small pier thingamy which will be set up as a small canon emplacement. The idea is it should stop intruders sailing straight up the canal.

Still to do is the footbridge over the canal, got some plans but need to get hold of some pink foam.

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Here are the two canal boards together, also entitled “why we build with set squares”. D’oh. Yes, I need to move the bricks on the new board and file down the edge to get a smooth join. However I like how it’s coming along, the view down the canal is pretty cool.

Still plenty to do but work is a bit insane at the moment so I’ve lost my weekends. Once I get them back things should start progressing again.

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