Deathwing Terminators

Deathwing Terminators

As always, a new project means someone new to blame for diverting my attention. Today’s culprit, the loveable Ash Barker. I’ve been watching him play Space Hulk 1st Edition solo on Guerrilla Miniature Games, and it made me dig out my second edition box. Seeing what state it was in, I just had to give it some love. So I’m painting up my Deathwing terminators.

This project is also going to be somewhat of a redemption for me. Many years ago I had a job interview at White Dwarf mag to be a junior layout something of other. Interviewed by none other than Paul Sawyer himself. Part of the process was bringing along some minis you painted. Despite me doing a lot of conversions even back then, I took along something that I thought would fit more with the GW ethos. I only have an abysmal photo, but amongst others I took the terminator sergeant shown below.

blood angels
My ancient blood angels termies

The painting was as good as I could do back then, but the lack of imagination shown bothers me even now. To be fair I was hopelessly underqualified (I wanted to be a webdesigner back then, no idea how I got an interview with a portfolio of nothing but site designs!), but the crap minis I took still bug me.

deathwing terminators
Deathwing Terminators in various states of completion

So first stop, YouTube. My fellow Yorkshirelad Luke has a great video on stripping plastic minis using meths (erm, in the English sense of the term). And it works, possibly better than other stuff I’ve used, it’s hard to tell as it’s so dependent on what was painted on the mini in the first place.

I stripped them as clean as I could, then gave them a coat of the GW Wraith Bone spray. Next was the Skeleton Horde contrast paint. I’ve only tried a couple of things with contrast paints and had mixed results. I’m learning that’s because they all behave differently, which is odd. Dark Angels Green is more like an ink. Skeleton Horde is more like a wash, willing to flow around. I found if you slap a lot on, then remove it from the highlights wiping your brush each time, you get a nice result. In fact I think it’s my favourite contrast result so far. You also end up with a paper towel like this:

Below are the three squads. That’s thee ten terminators I got with Space Hulk. Then two I got free at a GW store event (I know, right?). One metal rogue trader flamer marine. And finally my pride and joy, one of the very early guys (9th from left below), who’s going to take pride of place in a squad.

First complete deathwing terminator

Here’s the look I’ve gone for. I’m not going classic deathwing terminator colours. Instead I’m trying to evoke a proper 80’s feel. So checks, hazard stripes, dags, they’ll be everywhere. Metals will be muted, then I’m going to try and pick out the edges and bone details as best I can.

My freehand is awful, so I did the glove and knee pad width white paint as tidily as possible. Then I broke out my unipin fineliners and drew in the squares. Happy with the result.

So I’m going to have three squads of deathwing terminators (two of which will let me play some Space Hulk, the whole point of this). I’ve got Tyranid Attack somewhere, so the four classic terminators from that I’m taking liberties with. They’re going to be dark angel green (gasp). Got high hopes for again, a solid 80’s feel. I might even throw in a deathwing power armoured marine or two for kicks.

Hopefully I’ll keep up the momentum and do my entire Dark Angels army. But I’m realistic so starting with the Terminators is a specific, attainable goal. Yes I’m a software dev during the day!

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