Ravenwing Squad 1

Ravenwing Buggy

Like a phoenix, erm raven from the ashes another old project crawls out of the darkness. I started this Ravenwing buggy, a four wheeled attack big, over a decade ago. Thought it might be time to get it finished!

Ravenwing Buggy

I was originally inspired by the AWE Striker from GI Joe (man I loved that thing). I also spent too long looking at the conversions on Under The Couch.

The buggy is simple plasticard with four bike wheels, the crew from a landspeeder and erm, that’s about it. I’ve detailed it with a few Ravenwing parts and it’s already primed. I’m going to try out the Black Templars Contrast paint, so it’s undercoated in Wraith Bone spray.

Ravenwing Buggy Rear

Once the Ravenwing Buggy is completed I think I might have to move onto the Ravenwing Trikes!

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