Water Pistol Gateway

Water Pistol Necron Terrain

Since my Eagle Warriors are coming along nicely, my mind is turning to the Necrons from the starter set. As our first game is likely going to be fought out on Tatooine (because, well, why not?), I wanted to do a few pieces of 40k specific scatter. Which led inevitably to water pistol Necron terrain.

Missed something? Well recently YouTube has had a few videos on making terrain from water pistols. Midwinter Minis and Black Magic Craft being two of the culprits. And it got me thinking, which got me purchasing, as inevitably happens. Obviously mine won’t be quite as grand, but then I don’t get none of that sweet YouTube money!

Water Pistols from Amazon
To Amazon, for dubiously named Chinese water pistols!
Two pistols and an outrider for scale
Outrider for scale

My original intention was to build something vaguely 40K / Legion cross over, like industrial terrain. But seeing these two pistols on Amazon (a snip at £7.99 Prime) instantly put me in mind of Necrons. So yeah, here we go.

Chopping a water pistol
Chop it, file it, repeat it

I want the pistols to stand on end. I’m thinking some sort of gateway, of yet to be determined purpose. The first step is to cut off the handles and bases, which was surprisingly hard work. To be honest, if my wife wasn’t working in the next room I’d have bust out the dremel.

Pieces of a pistol
Gubbinz removed, handle and end chopped off
Intercessor for scale
Intercessor for scale

That’ll work. Erm. Imagine the Intercessor is a Necron Warrior.

Water Pistol Necron Terrain
Now there’s two of them?

Next step is a base for these. I want a raised dais between them and some sort of gateway. I’m not sure if that’ll be implicit or obvious. I don’t know if it’s a warp gateway or just a marker. But hey, if you want all the mystery draining out of a thing go watch the Star Wars prequels…

A doodle plan

I stood the pistols on end and did some doodling. Rough sketches in hand I went to my new circle cutter jig on the hot wire cutter and chopped two circles.

Foam circles cut
Foam circles cut
It's taking shape
A plan is forming

With the circles cut (and two small pieces of filler for the gap), it’s all ready to be based. Because I’m lazy, and it’s right next to me, the base is going to be foamex/palight (foamed pvc or whatever you want to call it). If it warps I’ll cut some thin mdf and base it on that. Saving myself a trip outside to the garage in the rain, always a hobby win!

Added tin for weight
The tin is full of heavy sand, not light coffee!

Hot glue applied and the foam is stuck to the board. Next step is to figure out how the gateway works and mount the pistols. I’ll probably have to patch some of the holes I cut removing the handles too, we’ll see what shows.

Then rocks, ground cover and it’s ready for painting. So expect water pistol Necron terrain part 2 to be along very soon!

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