Tatooine Buildings

A few months ago I bought the starter set for Star Wars Legion, original trilogy of course, I’m old. My group tends to only play a few games of each system, so to get the most out of each game I like to get the board and minis done up front. I already knew ahead of time I wanted to do a desert planet, so I bought a cheap Loke desert mat from Amazon, then starting on some Tatooine buildings.

Tatooine buildings home

You’ll have to forgive this entry on being short on WIP pics. I finished these before I decided to give the site a reboot, so I didn’t take in progress shots.

Constructions is incredibly simple. Stupidly simple in fact. The one above is a square of 1 inch blue foam mounted to some foamed pvc, with a polystyrene hemisphere on top.

Packing balls from eBay

Then I cut a small archway to fit around my 3D printed door and fastened it to the front. Finally a layer of decorator’s caulk was applied to the whole building. Base coat in mod podge mixed with cream house paint, simple dark brown wash and a lot of drybrushing. Then for fun I did a final airbrush of Vallejo Earth to try and make it fit better with the gaming mat.

Tatooine buildings hut
Small hut

The blue crates shown above I’ve had for years. They were bought from Antenocitis Workshop I believe (though I could be mistaken). I cut the base to fit around the crates. That way they should blend with the mat but still stick with the building.

Storage shed (before I airbrushed the bottom)
Tatooine buildings together
The current homestead

Really happy how they sit together, should act as a nice centrepiece for the 3′ board. I need to do some rocky spires or something to sit in the surrounding desert. Otherwise I suspect it’ll turn into a killing field.

I also have a plan for a landing pad for the owner’s personal ship, but that’ll be another post.

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