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I’ve been playing a lot of board games recently, and whilst I love rolling dice, invariably I end up skittering them to the floor. We also have a rather nifty Ikea dining table, but it has a split down the middle that’s a sod for jacking dice. So an obvious solution seemed to be a dice tray. Something to contain the pesky critters.

I did a bit of googling, like always at the start of the project (even a little one), and stumbled across someone saying they had made a simple dice tray from an Ikea frame (post not sponsored by Ikea, honest). As it happened I had a brand new ribba frame under the cabinet, so I dug it out. A lot of rummaging in the sheet materials box came to naught. However we live in this weird age of Amazon same day delivery, I purchased a pack of self adhesive EVA foam, which just happened to be the exact same width as the ribba frame back board.

This idea was formed at 10am. By 8pm the glass was in the recycling bin (I’ve learned the hard way un-toughened glass is not my friend), the spare pile of adhesive eva is waiting for the next project, and my brand new dice try is ready for my next game of Eldrich Horror, Firefly Adventures, or whatever else tickles my fancy.

Dice Tray
Completed Dice Tray

I could get used to 1 day projects.

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