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3D Printed Giant

My group have been playing Warhammer Underworlds pretty much since it’s release. When White Dwarf released rules for a co-operative game where you fight against at giant, The Glass-Mad Gargant, I wanted us to give it a go. Seemed like a good opportunity to try and make a 3D printed giant.

I spent a while cruising Thingiverse (fighting their awful search every step of the way – it’s better now to be fair). After sizing up a few options I decided to go for the one by DuncanShadow. The expression is fantastic, he looks so.. cheerful!

Giant by DuncanShadow
DuncanShadow’s 3D model

I wanted the result quickly so we could get the game in, as a result I ended up using Tom’s scenery Cura profile with thicker lines. Then once printed I spent a while with Citadel’s liquid greenstuff smoothing out some of the rougher layer lights. To be fair it was the support detritus that made the most mess.

3d printed giant, all painted
Giant in Flinstones garb

The slightly glossy finished is being overly enhanced by the photo I think, it’s not that shiny in real life. But happy with the final 3d printed giant, and shows the potential the 3d printer brings!

3D Printed Giant at work
Moments before the Gargant fell!

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