28mm Sloop

Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago takes place on a series of lost islands. So it only follows that our intrepid adventurers need a way to get to that island. I purchased a small resin rowing boat from Dixon Miniatures, but I really wanted to make a larger boat. So I set about making a 28mm Sloop.

Cue the research montage as I spent many hours learning about small sailboats, their uses and their forms. Once I’d settled on a sloop as being about the right size (small enough to fit on the island board, large enough to carry a crew), I rummaged around for what options are currently available.

Firelock Games make a fantastic sloop kit, shown below. Their’s is a gaff rigged layout with the squarish sail at the back.

28mm Sloop from Firelock Games

I found a few decent scratch builds as well, I’m a big fan of Jim’s pirate sloop, again shown below. Always love seeing other people’s take on something I’m about to start. Great way to get inspiration and see how they solved issues you know you’re going to face.

Jim's pirate sloop

Obviously, based on what I’ve said recently, my go to material was going to be foamed pvc. I used 3mm sheet for the sturdy parts, but the last of my 1mm supply made the curves so much easier. The shape of the base was sketched onto foamboard. This was then covered with balsa wood scored with planks. Masts are two sizes of dowelling.

My 28mm sloop
The sloop

Following the excellent guide from 1000footgeneral I rigged the boat. I used black elastic cord which was surprisingly easy to manage. The only issue I need to resolve is the horizontal parts in the ratlines are a bit skewed. But I don’t think it impacts the overall effect too much.

Docked at the island
The deck

I spent a lot of time drybrushing, and redrybrushing the wood to try and get the colour right. It ended up a little oversaturated more weathered looking than usual, but I think that actually works well enough for a boat. Overall really happy with my 28mm sloop. Next project is to paint up the rowing boat and potentially have a go at 3D printing a couple more!

(I’m slowly catching up on documenting my projects from over my hiatus. Hopefully a lot more of them from now on will have WIP photos).