Jungle Foliage

To bring the log of my Island Board up to date, here’s the current state of the jungle foliage that’s going to cover it.

Jungle foliage prototype

They are very simply a piece of foamed pvc, then plastic aquarium plants, some clump foliage and some lichen. It needs ground cover and then I’m going to just try hitting the plastic plants with a wash to see if I can take the shine off them. I’d rather not paint them all if need be.

Jungle foliage leaning over the path

Speaking of foamed pvc, have I sung it’s praises here yet? I discovered this a fair few years ago through Anteoniciti’s when it was still a pretty unusual choice for modellers I guess. But it’s strong, light and so easy to carve, as you’ll see in one of my new projects. I love it, would never go back to plasticard or foamboard for blocking out builds.

Anyway, I have a box full of aquarium plans just waiting to become more jungle foliage. This is about the biggest piece I’ll do, it’s about making small paths and narrow clearings. I want the board to feel crammed. I also want to do a couple of small rocky outcrops just to give the board a bit or verticality.