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Hour of Glory Board

A couple of years ago I picked up Hour of Glory Stronghold, a spy game set in WW2. It was quite fun to play (though in desperate need of some house rules to expedite gameplay!). But the game itself looks like this:

Hour of Glory in action

Which whilst it’s nice and colourful, it just screamed opportunity for 3D board. And so began my attempt to make a 3D, transportable board for Hour of Glory.

The first room

The plan is to have a large case that folds in half, and each half contains the individual rooms. Using blue foam for the floor tiles and foamboard for the walls I roughed out the rooms.

Then with a bit of wood working I made a shell from pine and plywood. Easily the hardest part of the entire process was trying to source some hinges. Failed miserably and ended up having to double up the thickness of the walls at the hinge.

Prototype rooms assemble
Hour of Glory transportable game board underway

Another issue to overcome is the doors are moveable depending on scenario, so I designed some blanks that will cover the doors when they’re not in use.

The next step is to get the area around the edge of the box padded out then the rooms can be detailed and glued in place.

Finally then I’ll need to add a blank panel that can clip (or magnetize) onto the bottom of the closed case to keep it all sealed. It’s an interesting project to do a 3D board game board mixing in some woodwork. The real test will be streamlining the rules some so I can convince people to play it with me!

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