3D Printing

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After so much longing, then envying, then sitting-on-the-fencing, I finally decided to join the world of 3D printing. I've chosen an FDM printer over resin, because I see myself printing…

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Diner Sign

Fairly recently I started looking at Last Days Zombie Apocalypse (by Ash Barker of Guerrilla Miniature Games). We played a couple of games, and it's really good. The game plays…

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I have some actual progress on the game board. The painting is more or less there, I want to drybrush the roads once more and then I'll add some road…

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New Site Design

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As you may have noticed I've just tweaked the site design again. Fancied a change, this is all bootstrap so it'll be easier to do stuff with in the future,…

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First Game

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I've tried a couple of solo games to learn the rules, and we had a bit of an aborted attempt previously, but today we started our first real game of…

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